Still There Shine Sauce Flavor Profiles

Original ‘Shine Sauce

Taste: Slightly sweet, savory and smoky.

Uses:Great as your everyday bbq sauce, try it in a bloody mary, eggs, egg sauces, chicken breast and pork chops.

Works great through the cooking process with distinct flavor layers and creates even cooking coverage.



Mustard ‘Shine Sauce

Taste: Savory and robust because of the creole mustard, not heavy on the vinegar.

Uses:Works well in everything from mac and cheese, pork ribs, smoked chicken and seafood.

Creates a nice glaze on grilled products, and has an earthy flavor profile.


Mop ‘Shine Sauce

Taste: High vinegar flavor, with slight sweetness.

Uses: Accompanies grilled vegetables, pickled shrimp, grilled chicken thighs, egg dishes, salad dressing, and raw oysters. Inject it. Try it on shoulder and pork butts.

Stays fairly spicy through the cooking process, caramelizes well and can be used as dipping sauce.


Cherry Bomb ‘Shine Sauce

Taste: Savory with a smooth dose of hard wood smoke are the first notes, jammy finish without being too sweet. Cherries, onion and garlic are smoked over cherry wood for 4.5 hours.

Uses: This sauce is great on a rib-eye, grilled wings, short ribs, slathered on venison or duck.

Brush it on shrimp, grouper or snapper. Mix with mayo for a turkey sandwich punch or add it to muffin batter and cranberry sauce.


Lip Smakin’ ‘Shine Sauce

Taste: Crushed red pepper gives this sauce its punch, slightly chocolaty from cocoa and smoky from the hardwood smoked onion and garlic.

Uses: Try it on funnel cake, grilled fruits, pound cake, shrimp, grilled chicken, roasted chicken, steak, pork ribs and oysters.

Does not back down from hearty protein flavors, grilled, sautéed or whipped into a dressing adds enough get up with a smooth finish.


Perky Peach Sauce

Taste: Driven by sweet yellow peaches, this sauce has a great balance of citrus with just a kick of roasted jalapeno and black pepper. You will find this sauce not to lose it’s peach flavor with cooking or adding it to dishes.

Uses: Billybob likes to brush it on both beef and pork ribs, wings, added to chicken salad, tacos, as an ice cream topping, pork chops or added to a pan sauce.

The boys in the holler have been known to add it to summer drinks.


Campfire Gravy

Taste: A rich concoction made with mild but flavorful ancho peppers, real bacon, robust creole mustard, and smoky adobo with the right amount of sugar and seasonings.

Uses: This sauce will compliment pork bbq, pork and beef ribs, chicken, chicken tacos, scrambled eggs, shrimp and salmon.

Use this as a rich thick any time bbq sauce. Uncle Cooter even puts it on his hamburgers.