Original ‘Shine Sauce

Back in the day, prohibition was ratified and the police was out to get the bootlegger. So, we’s needed to find out how to get the hooch, white lighting or white whiskey to the people without gettin’ caught! Along came some good ole boys and brewed up “Still There Original” bbq sauce. Born in the hills of Appalachia and made from whatever we could steal, hide or turn into mash, it survived many runs into town just under the nose of the “man”. Made with Grandaddy’s ole recipe, small batches are brewed using the finest “legal” stuff around from Appalachia. Packaged by hand, this back woods sauce puts a new spin on enjoying your shine.

Mustard ‘Shine Sauce

Uncle Cooter wanted to come up with a twist. His concoction added mustard to grandaddy’s original sauce. Rednecks from the hollers to the hills like this lip smackin’ new sauce. With just the right twang for a smooth and distinct flavor. Uncle Cooter and his boys slap this stuff in and on dry rub ribs, vegetables, sauces and anything else the woods has to offer.

Mop ‘Shine Sauce

Huntin’ the wild swine all summer the boys from the holler asked Billybob to come up with a way to tenderize the meat of the beast. After a lot of sippin’ Billybob took an old family recipe and juiced it up. Using the best white whiskey and ingredients Appalachia has offer this sauce takes the bite out of the swine. Uncle Cooter has put this on everything from pig to squirrel as a sauce and marinade. The boys from the holler declared this mop to do the trick weather your smoking’, grillin’, or roasting. It’s been rumored to have been used on everything from hoof, to claw to fin.

Cherry Bomb ‘Shine Sauce

Uncle Cooter and billybob have made it out of the holler and into the big city. As culinary adventurers they sampled some cherry soda, and decided this could be big. Back at the homestead they sipped and concocted a smoky savory sauce with just the right amount of kick, “cherry bomb’ was born. The boys have slathered this sauce on everything with a hoof, antlers or fins. Truly a holler milestone.

Lip Smakin’ ‘Shine Sauce

A couple of friends of Uncle Cooter challenged billybob to come up with a flavor that gave a big punch to the vittles of the day. After a great deal of sippin and mixin, “Lip Smakin” was created. A fiery base of peppers lends itself to a sauce with a deep smoky flavor that adds depth to any dish. Whether grillin, roastin or simmerin this sauce truly brings out all the flavor and gives a “Lip Smakin” experience. Try it on any hoof, feathered or winged beast.